The Night Sky

Have you ever wondered how the surrounding nature can have a lasting impression on our mind? How you relate your emotions with it? And why you need to continue to enjoy it? Sometimes you even thrive to get those experiences back.

When I was in India and was a small kid, our house had an open terrace and every summer we would go to the terrace and have a beautiful sound sleep under the night full of stars.

Staring at those stars made me fall asleep as soon as I can but there was a difference back then – I had peace of mind.

Sorry that I don’t have an original pic of the night sky. But what I do have is a pic of the moon. One of the nights it was shining bright. So bright that the stars around the moon were not even visible. My mom had some older phone back then through which I took this pic. Take a look.

Moon gazing at me through the sky – Photo taken by me

The night sky would normally look like this.

Those days we generally used to get up due to the sunrise. I would just lie in my bed and checkout the sky. The sky used to be all light blue with the rays of the sun peeking through the clouds. I used to be just blank with no thoughts running in my mind. There was the humming and chirping of the birds from around the trees. The others flew in the sky.

All those days, the sunrise was so common to me and I never had a clue that it was so important for a peaceful mind. Then I began to get burdened with studies and would usually stay up all the night for my studies and got up very late the next morning. After few years, we bought an air conditioner, so we would sleep in our rooms.

Last year I went for vacation to India and landed at my home. It was summer and we were again sleeping beneath the open night sky. You want to know the reason why – Because the electricity bills were too high the previous month. So my father decided to use the natural air. I was into my phone and didn’t look at the sky. I completely forgot about it. Later I turned down my phone to go to sleep and I viewed the sky gazing through the stars.

What a view that was. I had minor goosebumps. And it appeared as some nostalgia. I kept on looking through the stars and the only moon shining out there. It was long that I fell asleep with no thoughts in my mind and running completely blank.

Next day I again woke up due to birds chirping and the sunrise and the rays glazing through the clouds. That day I had thoughts. I was grown up. I had transformed into an adult but the child inside me was still alive. I needed to feel the same even though I was busy enough – To enjoy this lovely nature, to live through my childhood emotions, to feel the peace of mind.

I came back to Canada after my vacation was over and whenever I had a chance, I would get up early just to take a look at the sunrise that would fill my heart.

Find something around you that brings in the peace in you. Life is too fast. It will keep on running. But important is that it’s okay to pause for few moments.

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