Woman. Work. Periods.

When it comes to periods, people either avoid to talk about it or would find a safer place to discuss. But what if you were completely surrounded by guys at work and feel to talk to someone about your issues. This feeling I face every month. It is difficult sometimes to cope up with the stress at work and the pain that I experience during my periods.

Many women in the world face a lot of pain or weakness during their periods whereas many do not feel anything different. I belong to the first category.But my sick leaves are limited and also I have commitments which I need to fulfill even though I am in periods.

Every month when my periods are near, I would get stressed out a little if I have any commitments that are of high priority and cannot be delayed because trust me, not everyone understands the pain of periods.

When you are working, there will be lot of women around you who are doing the same job and may not complain about their periods. They are not facing the same difficulty as you are and then you feel weird to discuss about the pain. You cannot discuss about these issues with your male friends because you think that they might judge you that you are trying to get rid of the work or gain some sympathy.

It is a confusing situation for a woman but one thing that I have observed and experienced myself is during these days, a woman has most powerful decision making capability. She can make some toughest decisions and statements without any fear. Though she is in lot of pain but she is the strongest during periods.

When you come across such a woman who is facing troublesome due to her periods, be it your mother, sister or wife, just consolidate her. A wave of relief will run through her body and there will be a smile on her face.

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